I love pearls! This is my fav gem since i was a little kid and i still love it. Maybe thats why i love Chanel as well?

The most important thing if you’re buying your own pearl is to make sure you know the grades. I went to the counter at Taka and theres this old lady. First already not visually appealing. Second i stood there bending over the counters for the longest time and she did not approach me at all. Third and also final last straw i asked her to show me a good stud and she was impatient and kept repeating “they are all the same AH. Color is just color only. No difference.” Oh really, then black pearls must cost the same as white ones then! Such low class attitude. Now i dont even know if ive gotten myself a good pearl……..MAD! Why do such people exist to add dirt to something so pure & beautiful?

MIKIMOTO grades:
AAA (highest)

Product Image

Grandeur limited – necklace with diamonds and pearl drop $225K

Stud Earrings with Diamond

Stud Earrings with Diamond
7.5-8mm AA Quality Akoya Cultured Pearls and 0.20ct Diamonds, set in 18k Yellow Gold.

Elements of life – ocean strand necklace with blue sapphires, diamonds & pearls 7.5 x 7mm 18″ $8.3K

And i love black pearls! Such gorgeous lustre! Tahitian cultured pearl necklace, 10.5x8mm 16” $8.25K


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