Novel Twist Collection

MAC Novel Twist


mac-eye-shadows.jpgM·A·C Novel Twist: Warm Eyes (Nordstrom Exclusive)

M·A·C Novel Twist: 3 Tan Lips (Nordstrom Exclusive)M·A·C Novel Twist: 3 Coral Lips (Nordstrom Exclusive)M·A·C Novel Twist: 3 Pink Lips (Nordstrom Exclusive)M·A·C Novel Twist: 3 Plum Lips (Nordstrom Exclusive) Novel Twist: Cool Eyes ($36) Phloop!/ Beauty Marked/ Deep Truth/ Novel Twist/ Twirl Twirl
Novel Twist: Warm Eyes ($36) Vanilla/ Folie/ Club/ Unwind/ Adlib
Novel Twist: 3 Tan Lips ($22.50)
Fetish/ Frenzy/ Spunlight
Novel Twist: 3 Coral Lips ($22.50) Ramblini Rose/ Sway/ Rambling
Novel Twist: 3 Pink Lips ($22.50)
High Strung / Sway / Rambling / 316SE Lip Brush
Novel Twist: 3 Plum Lips ($22.50) Darkside / New York Apple / Scribbles / 316SE Lip Brush
Novel Twist: 5 Basic Brushes ($48.00) 129SE / 190SE / 224SE / 242SE / 266SE
Novel Twist: 5 Basic Brushes Cube Bag ($15.00)
Lipglass ($14)
Springly Freshwater oyster pink (frost)
Gadabout Mid-tone yellow pink with white pearl (frost)
Spree Pink Champagned Taupe (cream)
Wander Sheer Chocolate Brown (cream)
Paint Pots ($14)
Stray Grey Grey mauve (cream)
Pinterly Nude beige (cream)
Delft Deep teal with gold pearl (frost)
Stringalong Warm mid-tone brown (cream)
Artifact Dark burgundy with red pearl (frost)
Indianwood Metallic antique bronze (frost)
Powder Blush ($17.50)
Whim Bluish soiree pink (satin)
Out of Bounds Neutral mid-tone brown (satin)
Beauty Powder ($22.00)
Softdew Neutral brown rose
Sun Twist Warm peach

C-Shock Collection

· Blast O’Blue – Sheer mid-tone blue (lustre)
· Out To Shock – Soft metallic coral with silver pearl (frost)
· Overrich – Creamy silver pink with white pearl (glaze)
· Pomposity – Bright raspberry with silver and pink pearl (frost)
· Vivacious – Sheer mid-tone pink with silver pearl (lustre)

Lip Gelee
· Lil’ Sizzler – Metallic peach with pink and white pearl (frost)
· Mega – Soft metallic lavender with silversparkle (frost)
· She-Boom! – Creamy magenta (cream)
· Sugar Shock – Sheer red berry (cream)


· Bang On Blue – Royal blue with pink pearl (frost)
· Big T – Intense aqua with green pearl (frost)
· Eyepopping – Soft lime green with gold and yellow pearl (satin)
· Fab & Flashy – Mid-tone orange with gold pearl (frost)
· Going Bananas – Soft lemon yellow (frost)
· Passionate – Bright clean red (matte)
· Romping – Rich Magenta with pink pearl (frost)
· Wondergrass – Intense kiwi green (frost)


Flashtronic Collection

· Electro-Lush – Creamy blue pink (cream)
· Flashtronic – Caramel bronze with subtle gold pearl (cream)
· Perfectly Pink – Creamy mid-tone pink (cream)
· Young Spark – Neutral pink with subtle gold pearl (cream)

Mineralize Eyeshadow
· By Jupiter – Light taupe with beige and deep brown veining (frost)
· Ether – Deep aqua with silver, black and gold veining (frost)
· Lovestone – Raspberry with wine and copper veining (frost)
· Mercurial – Yellow gold with lilac and chestnut veining (frost)
· Quarry Sky – Blue with olive, coral and beige veining (frost)
· Tectonic – Yellow gold with lime green, warm brown and black veining (frost)

Mineralize Skinfinish
· Global Glow – Mid-tone brown with gold pearl
· Gold Spill – Pink peach with warm brown and cream pearl
· Northern Light – Mid-tone pink with rust and grey brown veining.


MOONBATHE Collection

Honey Moon
Solar Plum

Dark Flower

Claire De Lune
Cosmic Firespot

Molten Sol
Point Black

Other Worldly

Astral Rays

Swatch from


Rushmetal Collection

· Fast Lane – Mauve with silver pearl (lustre)
· Frenzy – Soft muted pinky-peach beige with gold shimmer (frost)
· Soft Lust – Tan with white pearl (lustre)
· Thrills – Rosy copper with gold pearl (frost)

· Cocomotion – Dirty gold with olive undertone and gold sparkle
· Copperized – Olive green with gold pearl
· Gold Mode – Tan gold
· Mauvement – Cool taupe with gold pearl
· Off The Radar – Warm orange with gold sparkle
· Quick Frost – Creamy white with soft green pearl
· Revved-up – Icy rose with reflects
· Rushmetal – Rich Copper Sparkle

Strange Hybrid Collection

Lipstick: Strange Hybrid, Orchidazzle, Flowerplay, Strange & Exotic Propagate

Tinted Lipglass: Hothouse, First Bloom, Prize Petal, Cultured

Eye Shadow: Floral Fantasy, Fertile, Rose Blanc, Moonflower, Seedling

Pigment: Provence, Jardin Aires

Powerpoint Eye Pencil: Permaplum, Navy Stain

Mascara: Zoomblack

Blush: Petalpoint, Fleurry


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