Nail Shop is a great site with swatches of OPI polishes, although everything is in Japanese.

From OPI Website

Australia Collection

NLA48 - Fit For a Queensland

NLA51 - Canberra’t Without You

NLA43 - Fair Dinkum Pinkum

NLA47 - Red Hot Ayers Rock

Fit for a Queensland

Canberra’t Without You

Fair Dinkum Pinkum

Red Hot Ayers Rock

An elegant white with a royal iridescence.

Can’t bear to miss this
barely-there, nude glimmer!

This sparkling pink is genuinely pretty.

A landmark shade of hot desert red.

NLA46 - Koala Bear-y

NLA44 - Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It

NLA50 - A True Ab-Original

NLA49 - Kangarooby

Koala Bear-y

Tasmanian Devil
Made Me Do It

A True Ab-Original


Berry irresistible, berry beautiful!

A devilishly tempting
shade of red-orange.

Express your style in this gleaming coral.

A deep ruby red you’ll jump for!

NLA45 - Brisbane Bronze

Brisbane Bronze

A down under wonder-ful shade of golden brown

Didgeridoo Your Nails?

A gleaming mauve that hits all the right notes.

Suzi Loves Sydney

And she loves this sophisticated wine shade.

Don’t Melbourne the Toast

This warm pink-brown is just right as it is!

25TH Anniversary Collection

Birthday Babe

Birthday Babe

A satiny silver with a
“gift” for style!


Birthday Babe

25 Colorful Years

And each one as bright as
this vibrant red.

Birthday Babe

Happy Anniversary!

The perfect glittery silver
for our 25th!


Birthday Babe

Did Someone Say PARTY?

This celebratory cinnamon is
ready to go!

Birthday Babe

Decades of Shades

And this trendy brown is one
of the best!


Birthday Babe

OH…To Be 25 Again!

Feel that way in this lustrous
dark brown.


Birthday Babe

All Lacquered Up

An intoxicatingly beautiful


Birthday Babe

Who comes Up with these names?


Someone who loves this sweet
shade of toffee!


Birthday Babe

OP-I Love this Color!

And you’ll adore this rich
maroon shimmer.


Birthday Babe

It’s a Doozi, Says Suzi (SP)

And she knows – this glowing
burgundy is a winner!


Birthday Babe

Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

Rich cherry red that’s
always a Classic


Birthday Babe

Mauve-lous Memories (SP)

You’ll never forget this
glowing purple-pink.

Designer Collection

DS amethyst - DS017

DS glamour  - DS018

NEW! – DS amethyst

NEW! – DS glamour

Alluring light purple bursting with brilliance.

Diamond-encrusted blue-violet.

DS 017

DS 018


DS passion - DS019

DS desire - DS020

NEW! – DS passion

NEW! – DS desire

Precious pink shimmering with stardust.

Rich, deep, smoldering gold.

DS 019

DS 020


DS shimmer - DS001

DS exclusive - DS002

DS original - DS003

DS shimmer

DS exclusive

DS original

Dazzling, radiant platinum.

Deep amethyst satin.

Gorgeous, glistening plum.

DS 001

DS 002

DS 003


DS shimmer - DS001

DS exclusive - DS002

DS original - DS003

DS couture

DS divine

DS elegance

Sumptuous, shimmering rose.

Divinely brilliant fuchsia.

Vivid pink with a
sprinkling of sequins.

DS 004

DS 005

DS 006


DS shimmer - DS001

DS exclusive - DS002

DS original - DS003

DS signature

DS chiffon

DS ruby

A marvelous sparkle
of mauve.

A glimmer of lightest pink.

Rich, jeweled red.

DS 007

DS 008

DS 009


DS shimmer - DS001

DS exclusive - DS002

DS original - DS003

DS sapphire

DS vintage

DS design

True blue twinkling
with stars.

The glow of coppery

Elegant gold with
a soft gleam.

DS 010

DS 011

DS 012


DS shimmer - DS001

DS base coat

DS top coat

Quick-drying Designer Series Base Coat provides exceptional protection and improves the condition of natural nails. Developed with diamond dust for incomparable hardness, it is formulated to actually strengthen nails with continued use.

Extraordinary Designer Series Top Coat delivers unparalleled brilliance and luster, thanks to its
unique diamond dust formulation. Developed to keep Lacquer colors true and to prevent yellowing

DS T01

DS T02

Psychedelic Summer

NLD11 - Strawberry Fields NLD14 - Peace Baby! NLD12 - Can You Dig It? NLD15 - Just Groovy NLD13 - Tangerine Scene NLD16 - Make Love

Go Deliciously Dark

Black Onyx - LacquerEspresso Your Style - LacquerLincoln Park After Dark - LacquerLincoln Park at Midnight - Lacquer
Black Onyx

Basic black – and basically fabulous!

Espresso Your Style

A deep, rich brown that loves the spotlight.

Lincoln Park After Dark

Where midnight meets purple.

Lincoln Park at Midnight

The drama of the original Lincoln Park, with the aubergine romance of a midnight tryst.


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