Health Food


  • Green tea
  • Q10
  • Vit E (best eaten with Vit C)
  • Carrots High level of Vit A that maintain and develop skin cells
  • Blueberries
  • Lemon

Healthy Fats:

  • Omega 3
  • Salmon
  • Cod Fish
  • Walnuts
  • Flaxseed


Beauty Supplements

Meiji Amino Collagen

Collagen is a type of protein and one third of the proteins in the human body consist of collagen.

As collagen molecules are large, they do not readily reach the dermis from the outside layer of the skin. In other words, if collagen is applied to the skin, it will not easily replenish the collagen in the dermis. Collagen should be drunk.

But ordinary food doesn’t contain collagen in liquid form. It is contained in abundance in the organs, skin, bone and cartilage of living organisms. Very little is contained in commonly eaten protein, such as meat and raw fish. Milk, eggs, and soybeans contain absolutely no collagen. For even shark fin, which is rich in collagen, you need to consume two and a half fins to get the daily requirement (5,000 mg).

Powdered collagen is best mixed with 100% chilled fruit juice, chilled or warm beverages. 1 spoonful per day.


I think there are quite a few collagen products available. Like for instance, my dad is taking Vitaking. Hearing the reviews, Im currently testing Amino Collagen myself. Lets see what happens.


Cosme Voted No 1 Collagen in Japan for 2004 & 2005 (


Duration: 6 weeks

Subjects:25 women in their 20s to 50s

Take 1 spoonful (attached spoon) of Amino Collagen once a day, and continue the usual skincare regimen for 6 weeks.

Measurement items:
Moisture content of the skin (face, upper arm and the back)



– sebum volume of the skin (face)
– Flexibility/suppleness
– Resilience/elasticity
– pH (acidity)

Image diagnosis of the surface of the skin (face):


– Unevenness/irregularity
– Nnumber and width of wrinkles
– Roughness of skin


Measurement devices:



– Corneometer
– Sebumeter SM810, PH900
– Cutometer SEM575
– Microscopic three-dimensional skin surface analyzer Visioscan
(all by Courage + Khazaka Electronic GmbH)

High moisture content
Youthful skin, Moisturized skin
The moisture content in the upper arm improved from dry (35-50) to sufficiently moist (>50).
The moisture content in the face increased for 72% of the subjects.
[Subjects: 25 women from their 20s to 50s]

High suppleness
Supple skin, Resilient skin

The rate of recovery of skin after pulling.
The biological age of skin is calculated based on suppleness.
The age of the skin improved by around four, from 37.5 to 34.

The values increased for 76% of the subjects.
[Subjects: 25 women from their 20s to 50s]

An indicator of the number and width of the wrinkles on the skin.
The higher the number, the more wrinkles and the wider they are.

The number decreased for 76% of the subjects.
[Subjects: 25 women from their 20s to 50s]

The numeric is calculated based on the brightness and darkness in a microscopic image of the surface of the skin. The higher the number, the coarser (rougher) the skin. The lower the number, the smoother (more radiant) the skin.

The numeric dropped for 72% of the subjects.
[Subjects: 25 women from their 20s to 50s]


Fancl Tense Up EX

Ive long heard about this. People was saying it was comparable to drinking bird’s nest. Looking at the ingredient list, its no wonder why (see chart below indicating the ingredients).

Its relatively expensive in Singapore at $8/50ml/bot. They also sell in boxes i.e. 30 bots for $204 which amounts to $6.80/bot. But its the cheapest in Japan at only S$2.81/bot if purchase the 30bots quantity (6,800円/30 bots, 2,400円/10bots).

Drink 1 bot per day. Effectiveness in 10 days.

This will be my next purchase!

Direct Link (Japan):


Cosme Voted No 2 in Japan for 2006

What’s the difference between regular collagen and HTC Collagen?

FANCL’s own creation, and one of the key ingredients of TenseUP EX, is HTC Collagen.

HTC Collagen is a unique collagen with extensive tri-peptide, which means it contains configurations of three amino acids. HTC Collagen is absorbed and digested much faster than regular collagen, and substantially boosts the amount of collagen in the skin.

The key factor here is that tri-peptide molecules have a shorter structure, enabling them to be absorbed far more easily than molecules of other collagen types which have longer bonds.


Clinical tests revealed that women reported improved makeup application after taking FANCL TenseUP EX over a period of ten days.


Who is it for?

If you want to see noticeable improvement of sagging and wrinkled skin to more supple and firmer skin, then TenseUp EX is ideal for you.

Since it contains a highly absorptive HTC Collagen, it is effective even on matured skin. If you are 25 or older, you would have definitely experienced collagen loss. TenseUp EX could be your right choice.

FANCL’s philosophy of safe, pure and preservative-free freshness is something you have to come to rely on. TenseUp EX, the result of 7years of painstaking studies is no exception.

With FANCL TenseUp EX, you can confidently expect to see a positive change in your skin.


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