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Dear Diary

With many years of trial, my face is finally getting better. There are still occasional breakouts but a week of purifying mask routine was able to eliminate those woes.

The reason i choose masking over a pimple cream was that many creams contain alcohol. Albeit its drying & anti-bacterial effects, my skin was sensitive to it. Many a times, I would have many more tiny breakouts that made my face really red. Another remedy was sulpher. I used to it with much liking during teenage years. It was easily obtainable from pharmacies and was prescribed by a doctor. However i stress that i need to use it everyday, day & night, to control the oil secretion. Yes it only controls but to a teenage kid, that was like a god-send.Till later years, sulpher no longer has effects on me. I still have a large tube in the drawer but i no longer touch it.

Up till the age of 20 – 24, i suddenly diagnosed myself as a rosacea patient. It was a horrifying moment of my life. My face was bursting with islands of tiny oil pouches. Makeup was the only effective solution I knew of. It covered up and also prevented pollution from attacking my already weak face. Contrary to most beliefs that makeup is not suitable for breakout – prone skin, my skin was actually better than without makeup. With the use of the right foundation, my skin was even flawless (minus away the pores part). That foundation was La Prairie Skin Caviar Liquid Foundation. I still adore it today but not rich enough to own one. So as a then – penniless university student, i cant afford a dermatologist even though i was already prepared to visit one, i searched for other solutions. God knows how much ive spent over the years.

I started out with Clarins and it was a foundation. Haha yes the solution to cover my face. Fortunately the SA was patient and she gave me samples to try. Thats very important for a beginner and a poor beginner. I love that foundation. It comes with tiny flecks that seemingly make the face flawless. Ive since moved on to other foundations but this one still sits in the drawer. Maybe 1/5 left. I never thought i will try the skincare and thats when the SA comes in. The samples really helped alot and the generosity and patience of an experienced SA boosted the image further. I actually like to shop with her! Furthermore, no alcohol. Till date, Ive spent the most with Clarins. All sorts of things u can imagine. Cleansers, exfoliators, massage creams and even body wash! These things are still in the drawer! Isnt it easy to earn woman’s $? Think about it, it really is just psychology – to link all the other products with the equally good image. Perhaps thats why i dont restrict myself to a certain brand later. Well, thats beside the point & lets get away from this. Say if i have to pick my fav product it has to be the multi-active night essence. It was like waking to miracle skin in the morning. I recommended tis to my friends and all saying wow. Up till a certain point, i think the 4th or 5th bottle, i realized the effects are not lasting. I simply cant maintain the results over the day even with the use of the accompanying day essence. At a hefty price tag of S$90+, i decided to look for something else. Moreover Clarins no longer excites me.

The next major haul was Kose. Of course in between I have had tried a tons of other stuff, like skincare from Thailand (forgot the name but apparently was quite famous in their vit c line and the bottle is orange), Shiseido (coz mum is using and she had TONS of samples from the minimum purchase) and a few odd lines from pharmacy like Olay and Bioskin. OK back to Kose. So i tried its Moisture Skin Repair upon seeing a friend’s face. She had sensitive face as well though not as oily as mine. She was saying it uses rice extract. Its just like SKII then but i had huge allergies using SKII. So maybe i can give Kose a try. Even the bottle seemed clinical and had a professional image…like its really going to help. Well now its still half a bottle away from its bottom. Sometimes if i care to bother, i apply to my hands or neck. Conclusion, its not useful to me. Sadly, i bought the limited edition large bottle size.

Then came Clinique. I got the entire set. What a good girl i am. Ive finished the cleanser. It was so-so. Toner in No 2 has about 1/8 left. I dont really touch it. Dramatically Different Gel has more than half left. I used it now on my upper arms where it tends to peel. Thats not to say its moisturizing for the arms…its only ok, my arm still feels rough after a while and maybe its more of a waste to simply leave it there. I got a few of their other items, none impressive for longer term use.

Finally i came to Dermalogical. So far i like this very much and have gotten salon sizes. The best place to order is Strawberrynet. My first purchase was at the salon and HOW expensive can it get! Fav items are the Clay cleanser, Microfoliant and Gentle Cream Exfoliant. I dont have to depend on makeup for a good skin. (^:^) Active moist moisturiser aint that good. It was just average and im switching to this hugely raved about Japanese brand called Albion. I will be getting their skin conditioning lotion as well. However Dermalogical is still the first brand that gave me hope in so many years. I should be loving it for the next few years to come.

As said, Albion is the latest purchase. I only have their Exage White Whitening Milk now. I used it yesterday evening and woke up to makeup-like skin. Even better than the Clarins Multi-active that has done that before. Perhaps i can finally have clear, mat & radiant skin.

The search for a good eye cream and pores reduction continues.

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