Have you been to a prata shop and was bewildered by the varied beverages it has on the menu? I remembered I was amazed! There must be more than 30 to choose from and such imaginative names as well! Not only that, our local kopitiam has so many versions of tea & coffee as well.

Milo Dinosaur

Almond Susu: Almond powder mixed with milk

Bandung Dinosaur: Bandung topped with milo powder

Horlick Cino: Horlick topped with frothed milk
Horlick Dinosaur: Horlick topped with horlick powder
Horlick King Kong: Horlick topped with vanilla ice-cream and horlick powder (I tried this yesterday. Its delicious!)

Kopi Cham: Coffee mixed with tea (Pretty similar to HK’s Yuan Yang)
Kopi Cino: Local coffee topped with frothed milk
Kopi O: Black Coffee with no milk or sugar
Kopi Gau: Extra black coffee
Kopi Halia or Alia: Coffee mixed with ginger juice and condensed milk and pulled for frothiness
Kopi Pok: More diluted black coffee (1 part coffee, 3 parts hot water)
Kopi See: Coffee with evaporated milk
Kopi Siew Tai: Local coffee with milk and less sugar

Ta Giu aka Milo
Milo Cino: Milo topped with frothed milk like a cappuccino
Milo Dinosaur: Milo with powdered undissolved Milo added on top. I think this is the popular one. I usually order this. Its actually a simple recipe but taste so crunchy.
Milo Eruption: Milk topped with a heap of Milo powder
Milo Godzilla: Milo with ice cream and/or topped with whipped cream
Milo Peng: Iced milo
Milo Terex: ?

Neslo: Milo combined with Nescafe powdered coffee

Teh Cino: Pulled milk with a layer of tea on top, sprinkled with cocoa powder
Teh Chino: Milk tea topped with frothed milk
Teh Halia or Alia: Tea mixed with ginger juice and condensed milk and pulled for frothiness
Teh Kosong: Tea without sugar
Teh O: Plain tea with no milk or sugar
Teh Peng: Iced milk tea
Teh Si: Tea added with evaporated milk and sugar
Teh Tarik: Tea added with evaporated & condensed milk then pulled to create a layer of froth. A local favourite!
Teh Tongkat Ali: Tea with a herbal root that is known for curing acne and constipation

Toffee Milk Shake: As the name suggests

White/Black Spider: ?

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