Chatuchak Market
I love JJ market esp the homeware and pets section. Earthen ceramic plates costs S$1-3 for the quality ones S$20-30 in Robinsons. Check the pets section too. So many adorable puppies & kittens on display that you can foddle with! Theres a section selling the famous durian crackers at the lowest price Ive came across. Its easily accessible by the skytrain. Station is Mo Chit, which is the last stop. After u’re there, just follow the crowd and u’ll reach the main entrance in about 5mins time. I recommend buying one of those huge shopping bag to store everything in!

Platinum Plaza
Its just like Far East Plaza but the prices of Chatuchak Market. The plaza is neatly divided ito sections i.e. women clothing occupy 1st and 2nd floor, bags/shoes the 3rd etc.

Sai Nam Peng
The only way to access this is to take a taxi unlike the others which can be easily found near MRT stations. This is a haven for accessories and faux jewellery lover. Last i went, i got more than 50 pairs of earrings. Items are mostly wholesale and thats how i accumulate the 50.

I used to get crazy in this place but the more i go, the less attractive i find. There are a few 199baht shoes and bags shops but designs are nothing to shout about. I dont recommend buying 199baht shoes as well. They dont feel stable enough and dont last more than 4months too. The lingerie section carrying Wacoal and Triumph might be worth the look though. Its always comforting to buy undies there since they’re so affordable.

Siam Square
The area where most Chulalongkorn students hang out after school so its easy to spot many teenagers there. Many are good-looking and well-dressed too! Undoubtly, this will be the place to teenager-watch and most shops are borne out of local designers. So expect unique pieces. Prices tend to be higher esp for the boutiques but i would say its worth it! There are still a handful of cheap accessories (though Sai Nam Peng is always the best) and 199/299 baht clothing.

Designer Labels
Totally not worth the trouble as Thailand is one of the places that charges high tax for imported stuff.


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